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American Pit Bull Terrier Misunderstood
By Tina Greenup


January 20, 2006
Friday AM

How do I begin to make all you people out there understand the real nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier? I'll start off by saying that it's the owners of these dogs that give them the bad reputation by fighting, pitting, rolling and neglecting them.

Everywhere in the US, states are trying to band this breed, make them extinct and the media has destroyed the true reputation of this breed. Just recently, a lady we heard about in the news had a face transplant. Well the reason she had the transplant is because her dog bit her face off. I tried to find out what type of dog it was but of course as usual if isn't a pit bull then the breed is never mentioned in the media.

Of all dog attacks on people and other animals only the pit bull is mentioned. The pit bull accounts for only 1% of all dog attacks out of all other breeds of dogs. They are not aggressive towards humans by nature, they were bred for helping their masters hunt wild game. A pit bull has to be trained or abused and neglected to be human aggressive as with any animal that is domestic.

Please don't be a part of the hate toward this breed, educate yourself and come to see the beauty of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Please if you know of people abusing these animals in any matter, report them to the animal control. I will continue to breed these dogs and represent the true nature of the Pit Bull.

Tina Greenup
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Tina Greenup is a single mother of three young children and their family dog. Of her experience with pit bulls she writes, "The type of breed of dog we have is an American Pit bull Terrier. Her name is Lil'Cashola and she is now 5 years old. We love her very much and will give up what ever is needed to keep her with us as long as she is living. She has had 3 litters and everyone that has a pup from her absolutely loves their pet. I have stayed in contact with these people throughout the years and to this day there has not been a problem with their dogs being aggressive in any way. She had 8 her first litter and 4 in the second and 10 on the third all except for 3, owners of these dogs have children ranging from infants to teenagers. I as a breeder screen the homes and have legal binding contracts with strict rules on how these pups are to be raised. Cashola herself has won 1st place conformation twice and 1st place on the treadmill run once. Some of her pups have also taken a championship status at the dog show for sled sprint and conformation. You can view her on the web page click on message board and you will see her picture. We love our dog very much and would gladly give up our home to keep her if we ever had to make that choice. I have gained a lot of experience with this breed in the last 5 years and work with people that have been breeding American Pit Bulls for 20 years. These breeders take their animals very seriously and work hand and hand with show quality dogs from UKC to all other well known registries. I have seen the good and bad with this breed and the bad is always the owners of the dog. Just for the record I personally have met over 200 Pit Bulls and their masters."



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