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Throwing rocks from a distance
By Rick Watson


January 19, 2006

Ok, I've heard enough from you Mr. Distance Hoff.

How can you sit there and preach about Elders, Protecting your Heritage and your Land, when your native corporation you belong to, and others have shown time and time again that all you care about is money by clear-cutting and logging old growth forests, right down to the roads and streams with no buffers, no clean-up, and no re-planting.

Would you like pictures Mr. Hoff?

Mr. Hoff, I'm sorry but I put very little credit on an opinion from someone who lives in a glass house in Hixson, TN who is throwing rocks from 1500 miles away!

Rick Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Rick Watson is a resident of Ketchikan. He stated he's "Indigenous to mother earth. And that's all that should matter!"


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