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By Virginia E. Atkinson


January 14, 2006

I can remember when news were interesting to watch twenty, thirty years ago. Very seldom were there any flaws in news gathering, nor were the news replayed a million times a day-especially the bad news. Now days everyone's in a rush to be the first to broadcast 'breaking news.' What is this, a contest between networks?

Whatever happened to 'VERIFYING' information before making it public? When the miners tragedy happened everyone thought the news was a miracle, until a few hours later it turned out to be a 'hoax.'

Somehow, something needs to change in how things are done, on how news is made public. The most important thing about gathering information is to make certain that information is confirmed before its released. There are too many 'wannabe' news hounds around and about, they're only adding more to the confusion. The Media and reporters should always verify the facts before printing it.

Ratings can't be that important to a network that a news event has to be publicized before its confirmed. It can easily lead to misinformation, and you all know what happens when the public is misinformed, it can lead to lawsuits galore.

And also, after sitting in a church for a few hours, someone should have become suspicious about what's taking so long? You people in the media world don't wait for the sky to fall on your head before you realize there's something wrong somewhere. Get your facts straight before publishing it.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA


About: Virginia E. Atkinson is a longtime Metlakatla resident.



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