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Sanderson Best Choice
By Dorothy Nix


January 14, 2006

I'm here to write on behalf of my friend, Robert Sanderson, Jr. I have known Rob since 1975 and I do know that Rob has been a dedicated and loving father from the time his son was born. On that note, Rob is also a dedicated and determined councilman. He spends a lot of his time researching his subjects and the issues brought forth to the council. He asks questions and wants to know what the people think.

He has made plenty of contacts in the past 4+ years as a councilman, and he has learned from the some of the best...his father, Robert Sanderson, Sr. and grandmother, Helen Sanderson. Rob values family and the tribal people and the land inwhich we live. He values these things and wishes to protect them, which is why he wants to continue to serve on the KIC council.

I can honestly say I have not seen a more determined and dedicated person who wants to serve the members of the Ketchikan Indian Corporation. As Rob has chosen to follow in the footsteps of his father. He puts his whole heart into serving ALL the residents and members of Ketchikan and KIC.

For all the KIC voters... you would make the best choice by voting for Robert Sanderson, Jr. He is there to serve and protect the best that he can. Your vote counts...make it count well by voting for Robert Sanderson, Jr.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dorothy Nix
Juneau, AK - USA


About: Dorothy Nix is Haida/Tlingit/Tsimpsean and currently a resident of Juneau, Alaska. Nix was born and raised in Ketchikan, and has plenty of family and friends in Ketchikan. Nix's grandparents were well known and respected citizens of Ketchikan, William & Dorothy Wallace. They have passed on, but her aunts & uncles & brother live in Ketchikan. Nix writes, "It's our hometown. Politics is not my piece of cake, but I have decided to support my friend and brother Robert Sanderson, Jr. (Duly adopted in the native way)."



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