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Harriet Hunt Lake Trash -- Pick It Up
By Doug Barry


January 08, 2006

Nick Tucker suggested Mr. Cegelske and I help pick up trash, such as that left at Harriet Hunt Lake. I certainly appreciate the fact that Mr. Tucker and friends take the initiative and are kind enough to clean up after others' thoughtlessness. I would gladly join them in that effort if I lived in Ketchikan instead of Seattle. And I might just make a special trip up to help with an organized effort. However, I'd prefer if people had the common sense and decency not to litter in the first place. In the meantime, thanks to Nick Tucker and friends for their admirable efforts and respect for the beautiful land around Ketchikan.

Doug Barry
Seattle, WA - USA


About: Doug Barry was born and raised in Ketchikan. He currently lives in Seattle.


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