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Violating what privacy?
Open letter to Representatives & Senators
By Virginia E. Atkinson


January 07, 2006

At one time someone made a comment and compared Nixon's Watergate to President Bush's wiretapping possible terror threat on America.

There is no comparison. Back in Nixon's Administration days there weren't any terror threats to deal with or worry about like we do today.

Come to think of it, privacy doesn't really exist anymore or anywhere. When you go online there are "cookies" planted in your computer to monitor your every move, spyware, adware can be detected at some websites you go to. When you're on the cordless, cell phone someone may be listening in, when your out in public there are cameras in some areas, in certain public entities there are surveillance cameras watching you, and don't forget those using small spy cameras. Yes, those privacy days are a thing of the past, and don't forget that BIG eye-in-the-sky peering down, watching and waiting. Or someone online can be doing a background check on you.

We worry about the government "Spying" on us when those everyday, err-regular people known as "hackers" are probably doing more eavesdropping than the government, watching everything you do online, what websites you go to, monitoring your emails, and don't forget those 'peeping toms' peeking in your window taking your picture and one day you discover your photo on the internet (most likely on porn). And then there are those forever harassing, pain-in-the-head paparazzi, waiting for their next victim to snap a photo just for a few lousy bucks. And last but not least, the Media, they are everywhere, sometimes in places you don't want them to be. What is privacy anymore? Privacy doesn't really exist these days, so be careful what you say or do.

OK, all you people, your own next door neighbor may have a camera pointing in your direction, that's right, so you people enjoy your so-called privacy, if someone is pointing a camera at you, so what! Do you have something to hide? It seems to me those everyday people are doing more eavesdropping than the government. If it's illegal for the government to eavesdrop than it should be the same for everyone else.

Today's thought: What does filibuster really mean? Talking all day and saying nothing? Or wasting other peoples' time?

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA


About: Virginia E. Atkinson is a longtime resident of Metlakatla.



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