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By Sally R. Chapin


January 07, 2006

Dear Editor

Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) Tribal Members should be aware of the actions of the KIC Tribal Council related to the upcoming elections in January 2006.

I retired from KIC May 2005. On November 14, 2005, the Tribal Council held a special meeting to vote on a resolution to prevent former KIC employees from running for the Tribal Council. This resolution also allowed employees to apply for a waiver. I applied for that waiver and at the Dec. 27, 2005 special meeting they discussed it and determined that I was not eligible to run for office, thus denying me the right to run for office in January 2006.

According to the Constitution "Members shall be accorded by the governing body equal rights, equal protection and equal opportunities to participate in the economic resources and activities of the Tribe, and no member shall be denied any of the constitutional rights or guarantees enjoyed by other citizens of the United States, including but not limited to freedom of religion. freedom of speech, the right to orderly association or assembly, the right to petition for action or the redress of grievances, and due process of law".

These council members are not allowing me equal protection and equal opportunity to participate in the activities of the Tribe. Where is the "We the People?" What about my civil rights? What are you afraid of? Do you think that I will beat you in a fair and square election so you have to stop me from running for the Tribal Council by making up unfair rules at the last minute. Shame on you council members who voted to prevent me from running for office. Just because you have the power at the table with your block voting does not make it right. Shame on you for unfairly creating election rules to stop your competition. You should not have brought shame on our tribe by taking action against your elders in this way.

I am starting a WRITE IN SALLY CHAPIN FOR KIC TRIBAL COUNCIL CAMPAIGN. KIC Tribal Members should have the right to vote for anyone that wants to run for office, and I urge all KIC Tribal Members to write me in for Tribal Council in the January 16, 2006 election.


Sally R. Chapin
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Sally R. Chapin is a resident of Ketchikan and former employee of Ketchikan Indian Community.



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