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Great Earthquake
By Craig Alleman


January 05, 2006

Being a veteran of the Great Alaskan Earthquake of March 27, 1964, and living in Anchorage for 5 years during the 1960s, while serving with the U.S. Air Force at Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, I found it very enjoyable and memorable to find your WEBSITE called "SITNEWS", and a story lf the 40th Anniversary of the Great Earthquake, that was posted in 2004.

For all of these years, I have been searching for a SONG that was written about the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 and it was played on all the local radio stations over and over. But that song seems to have droped off the table, and none of the stations remember it.

Some of the words were....

"It was March 27, 1964,
Anchorage started shakin', like it never had before....."

I'm guessing that it's title was something like "The Great Alaskan Earthquake Song" ????

I would greatly appreciate anyone that could lead me to a place where I could purchase a copy of this song. I used to have the song on 45 record, and loaned it out to another
Alaskan Friend and never got it back.

We still keep the "4th Avenue Anchorage CAM" as the opening page on our home computer, all of these years, and we follow the Alaska news also. This place will never leave our hearts and minds, and you are very fortunate to live in a God Blessed Place as Alaska.

Craig Alleman
E-mail: tennessee_craig[AT]
Knoxville, TN - USA


About: Craig Alleman is a veteran of the March 27, 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake, and lived in Anchorage for 5 years during the 60s while with the U.S. Air Force.


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