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An open letter to Alaskan Republican Senator Ted Stevens
By John Sodrel


January 04, 2006

Dear Senator Stevens,

I want to heartily thank you, on behalf of C-SPAN viewers everywhere, for the great theater you unwittingly provided last month on the venerable floor of the Senate after cloture on your beloved, pet-project â defenseâ appropriations bill was refreshingly blocked by 43 (not counting Majority Leader Fristâ s phony vote switch) of your scrupulous colleagues. Rarely have I been more entertainedâ and, oddly enough, disgusted at the same timeâ than by watching you rant profusely in a shamelessly obstinate attempt to defend your indefensible actions along with this especially specious bill while simultaneously having the audacity to rail deceivingly against those who so conscientiously and courageously opposed it, deservedly so.

You, sir, and others of your ilk are actually the real ones to blame for the defeat, as originally submitted, of this omnibus legislation for arrogantly loading it up at the eleventh hour with all kinds of non-defense-related items, not the least of which was the contentious drilling in ANWR, confident in the cynical belief that very few Senators would have the intestinal fortitude to reject a so-called defense bill and risk being pilloried as anti-military during a time of war despite your blatant circumvention of long-standing rules and protocols. Obviously you miscalculated and underestimated the resoluteness of some of your more honorable peers who felt compelled to do the proper thing regardless of the potential ramifications. Yes, thankfully sometimes, albeit too infrequently, principles can even trump politics....

Have you really been in Congress that long that you've completely lost all concept of right and wrong? It would seem so considering you said you now intend to travel the entire country disingenuously claiming that by virtue of voting ethically and responsibly these 43 principled Senators were, therefore, against the troops, Katrina relief, first responders, LIHEAP, etc., etc. Would you really stoop that low? How could you sleep at night? The word reprehensible comes to mind for that sort of flagrant subterfuge, but Iâ m actually selfishly hoping you proceed with your misguided vilification campaign anyway because I contend the smarter-than-you-give-them-credit-for American people will see your absolutely ludicrous claim for the fraud that it really is, and youâ and, by extension, your fellow partisansâ will be totally discredited in the process!

Not that it will do any good, but you really ought to take several long, hard looks at yourself in the mirror. Looking back will be an exceedingly notorious pork-loving politician who, in addition to this latest stunt and many others, also recently held the transportation bill hostage in order to successfully secure Alaskaâ s two/too wasteful, $453 million (for starters) â bridges to nowhereâ â before casting baseless, ad hominem aspersions from now on. And it's worth noting that what you referred to mawkishly as â the saddest day of [your] life...a day [you] don't want to rememberâ has ironically become one of the happiest days to be remembered by those of us who abhor your continual unethical shenanigans. That day will now only be eclipsed, soon hopefully, by your welcomed, much-needed resignation or your eventual defeat at the polls.


John Sodrel
New Albany, IN - USA


About: John Sodrel is a former government teacher who has been following ANWR and Congressional dealings for a long time.



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