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Guard rails and trees falling from the hills
By Rhiann Golder


January 03, 2006

I too have wondered about the guard rails or need for guard rails on the Mud Bight corner. Thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention.

I am wondering if anyone else besides myself is concerned with trees that are falling off of some of our local hills. I see them all over the place, however, the one that concerns me the most is on the 3rd Ave. bypass.

Has anyone else noticed the giant spear protruding from the cliff at the Bear Valley side of the new bypass? You can't miss it! Someone please tell me that either: A. the tree is totally secure and won't be sliding off the mountain to puncture my car any time soon, or B. someone is going to remove the tree (I don't know whose responsibility this is). I honestly don't know who to call about this tree but it scares the bejeebers out of me everyday!

Oh and another scary tree that comes to mind is the giant tree stump that is hanging precariously over the road that winds up to where Sign Pro used to be. That one has scared me for years, but thankfully has never fallen off the cliff.

Thanks for reading and watch out for falling trees!

Rhiann Golder
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Rhiann Golder has been a Ketchikan resident for roughly 20 years. She is a South Point Higgins resident. She wrote that she loves to drive all the way into town across 3rd Ave. bypass to get coffee almost daily!



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