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A Newspaper's responsibility to Protect Its Readers
By Mark Neckameyer


January 03, 2006

Who does Al Qaeda want most to kill?  Sure they would like to get us all; Phoenicians., Las Vegans, Alaskans and people who live in Beverly Hills 90210 but to date their numero uno targets have been the poor souls who reside in the Big Apple, New York, New York USA.  New York is the world's financial sector and is our largest, most visible target city.  Middle East terrorists have attacked the World Trade Center Twice and they have designs on the UN Building, the New York Bridges and tunnels and they have said that they want to blow up New York's subways.
What can we do to protect ourselves and our New York friends and neighbors?  George Bush was elected by the people of this country  to make most of the choices when it comes to defense (see US Constitution ratified 1789) and he thinks we need to tap the phones of terrorists and those who speak with them.  He also advocates monitoring FROM THE OUTSIDE, sites with connections and possible connections to radical Muslim terrorists.  The current program sniffs the air around Muslim sites that have been visited by people connected to terrorists.  It's a lot like the planes that fly over farm country sniffing for marijuana plants ... no warrants required.  Warrants take time to secure.  Fighting murdering terrorists, according to our President, must happen real time and fast.
The New York Times prides itself in being a kind of national liberal mouthpiece ... anti-Republican, against everything Conservative, counter Red State, un-Texan and especially fighting against anything undertaken by George W. Bush.  There can be no argument with that statement.  Recently the New York Times disclosed national top secret information about how our government tracks terrorists.  They revealed how we sniff for nuclear material from helicopters so now the terrorists can shield dirty bombs better.  They revealed how our NSA tracks terrorist phone calls so the terrorists can perfect their cell phone use.   OK, so the New York Times only meant to embarrass Republicans and shame the President during Patriot Act re-consideration time but they did break the laws of our nation.  They did aid and abet the madmen terrorist suicide bombers trying to kill us.  They for certain harmed our defense and they impaired the safety of New Yorkers especially.
Who buys the New York Times newspapers mostly anyway?  Who buys classified ads in their paper?  Who advertises for new employees there and who gets the New York Times delivered to their high rise doorsteps every morning?  Don't the residents of New York realize that their largest newspaper, top circulation, most ad inches, etc, is endangering their lives and their children's lives?  The kind of bomb Al Qaeda has in mind for the "Big Apple" would make New Orleans' recent problems look like a walk in Central Park!  Any other part of the US would react strongly against these  ... is the word "traitors" too powerful, in a pardon the expression, "New York minute".   Their own favorite newspaper is likely to get them slaughtered to make a political point!
Wake up New Yorkers before it is too late!  Al Qaeda is gunning for you and your New York Times is virtually carrying their bombs for them. 
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California - USA

About: Mark Neckameyer resides in Southern California.  he has often vacationed along the Alaska coast and hopes to retire here for at least part of each year in the near future.  Mark is a Viet Nam era veteran.  He is proud that his grandfather served in World War 1 and his father served in World War 2 and his grandson served in and won a Bronze Star in the recent Middle East conflicts.



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