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A New Year's letter to my sisters
By Angela Salazar


January 03, 2006

As we move into a new year, I am reminded of my many blessings. I am healthy and happy, and I have a support system unlike any other. I have a wonderful younger sister, Christy, who is too far away in San Diego, and I married a great guy who has an even greater sister (just teasing, Brien) who I now call my own as well.

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While growing up we don't always appreciate what being a sister is all about. There were fights over the bathroom or who did more housecleaning. Christy was notoriously creative in avoiding chores. The youngest of three, she quickly learned how to stake out her territory. However, my sister has grown into a beautiful, hard working young woman who takes on the weight of the world. She excels at everything she puts her mind to and makes it fun for herself and those around her. She is my constant reminder of what courage, hard work and a lot of fun can do for the soul. I am so fortunate to be her older sister.

I have known Ann, my sister-in-law, since I was a little girl hanging out at the swimming pool. She was a few years older and I looked up to her; I used to tell her every day that I wished I had her beautiful hair. She was, and is, the epitome of what a person should be kind, generous, fun. Who knew that more than 15 years later I would marry her brother and she would become my sister and one of my best friends?

I share these stories because we should remind ourselves of the things we take for granted. I share them because each of us has had our share of heartache-my sister and I lost our dear grandmother to cancer last December and my sister-in-law lost her mother, too young, to a heart attack after surviving cancer. I share them because there are so many ways we can give back to each other and to our community, to honor the heartaches and greatness we have endured and embraced.

I have chosen to give back by joining the Board of the Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation. It is wonderful to be involved in a program that will benefit all of us, including my sisters near and far. Our first project, The Women's Diagnostic Imaging Suite, focuses on women's health. It is a way for me to be a part of something bigger than myself.

This is the season for gratitude, and I encourage all of you to carry it into the new year by letting those you love know how thankful you are. I challenge you to find ways you can give to help another. You'd be amazed at how far a smile to a stranger or a dollar for a project such as ours can go. Happy Holidays to you all!

Angela Salazar
KGH Foundation Board Member
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Angela Salazar is a longtime Ketchikan resident and a KGH Foundation Board Member.


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