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Stimulating the economy
By Jay Jones


January 02, 2006

In response to Rick Grams' letter of Dec. 27th. I would think that if one were to write "from my own perspective" one would not use the word "we" so much.

I was not aware that the tourism season fluctuated by 2 months.

I know one reason kids move, IT RAINS ALOT.

The following are some ideas on stimulating the economy.

Financing THE DEBT by the Federal Government through the sales of Treasury Bonds competes for capital and uses over twenty percent of the budget. Instead of grasping for band aid that will only increase THE DEBT, we Ketchikanians should elect people who will work to stop the sale of T-Bonds and pay off THE DEBT. Taxes also compete for capital. The answer is obvious.

As far as access to land, the Borough restricted access to Ward Cove properties for years. We should demand that local government divest itself of any land not in use and any activity that competes with private or non-profit enterprises.

Why should a privileged few make money from a Gravina land boom? We should lobby for the sale of all or part of the island.

An island that has commercial airliners landing daily and a sawmill has access. I can take my truck over anytime I want but the only reason I have to go is to fly. How is a bridge going to change that?

You would think that with all the $8 per hour workers you speak of capital would flood in. Instead of subsidizing big businesses so they can import cheap workers why don't we make it easier for small businesses to flourish by eliminating taxes and regulations? Some small businesses grow into corporations.

Finally, we should split the Permanent Fund in half and cut everybody a check for $25,500 and postpone dividends for five years. That might have a slight effect on the economy. Heck, we could all by lots on Gravina . Just why do they invest that money elsewhere anyway?

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jay Jones moved to Dutch Harbor in 1986. He has lived in the Ketchikan area since 2001.


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