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Art Class Offers Creative & Social Opportunities


January 28, 2005

jpg Cleo Weston - Ketchikan

Cleo Weston
Photo by Priscilla Barnett

Ketchikan, Alaska - Sounds of laughter and conversations coming from Cleo Weston's art class trickled through the second floor hallways of the Ketchikan Senior Center Tuesday. Starting back in 1982 when Weston owned an art store called Weston's Art, this art class is still going on today as enthusiastically as ever.

Weston who now sits on the Board of the Ketchikan Senior Center said, "A good turn out is four seniors." When asked what she would say to seniors who are not sure about attending the art class, she said, "Don't hesitate, just come."

Attending Tuesday's art class were Jean Howard, Joyce Carlson, Dorothy Kuula and Jackie Bredehoft. They said they would like to see more seniors come out and be creative.

If you are interested in joining this art class which meets every Tuesday at the Ketchikan Senior Center or in finding out more about other activities available at the Senior Center, contact Jackie Beasley at 225-6578.


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