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Silver Lining Retail Store Closing


January 21, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - After approximately 20 years, NorQuest Seafoods is closing its Silver Lining retail outlet in the Westflight Building.

"When Silver Lining started back in the early 1980's, there really wasn't any place in Ketchikan where you could buy fresh seafood," said Leigh Gerber, NorQuest's plant manager. "That's changed in recent years and more opportunities are now available. It's become more difficult to compete in this climate."

Although the retail space is closing, NorQuest will continue to offer custom-processing and mail-order services to local customers from its main plant next door, according to Gerber.

And local customers wishing to purchase frozen, smoked or canned seafood will be able to call in orders, in advance, through the retail mail-order phone number (225-9865) or their website,

And local fishermen can continue to bring their catch to the main plant to have it smoked, canned, filleted, vacuum-packed or frozen. NorQuest expects to start accepting custom-processing fish again in early March.

Local wholesale sales will also not be affected.


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