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No one injured in house fire


January 06, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - With a steep gravel road making accessibility difficult, traffic along the North Tongass was blocked Wednesday as firefighters responded to a house fire at 4742 North Tongass Highway.

jpg house fire

Engines parked along Tongass Highway Wednesday as firefighter responded to a home fire. A steep gravel road made accessibility to the home owned by Dan Michalsen difficult. (The home in this picture is not the home that experienced the fire.)
Photograph by Jerry Cegelske

The Ketchikan Fire Department received notification of the fire at 10:09 am Wednesday and the fire was under control by 11:18 am with the area cleared by 2:28 pm. Twenty eight KFD personnel responded to the fire along with two engines, one ladder truck, one rescue rig, one tanker, three command vehicles and one ambulance. The South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department also responded providing 8-10 personnel, one ambulance and snacks and water. The North Tongass Fire Department provided two tankers and 8-10 personnel.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The home, belonging to Dan Michalsen, is estimated to have received $100,000 in damages to the building and its contents. No injuries were report.



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