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Veneer plant expected to add 50-100 new jobs in Ketchikan


January 04, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Governor Frank Murkowski applauded the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly's proposal to restart the veneer plant at the Ward Cove industrial site. The new plant is expected to generate up to 50 new jobs, Murkowski said.

"My administration has committed two years of hard work toward reinvigorating Southeast Alaska's timber industry and a project of this nature moves us closer to our goal," Murkowski said Tuesday.

In addition to work at the plant, another 40-50 jobs could be generated over time in logging operations to supply timber to the venture, said Labor Commissioner Greg O'Claray.

"Governor Frank Murkowski and his cabinet have worked tirelessly to assist the borough in bringing home this project," O'Claray said. "It will immediately produce the best kind of family wage jobs to support the Ketchikan economy."

The borough has approved a memorandum of agreement between the borough and the New Veneer Corporation to operate the veneer mill at the former Wards Cove industrial site beginning May 1.

"We didn't have title to the property until about a year and a half ago. When all of the legal action was done - and with the governor's help - we've moved about as fast as government can get it done," said Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor Salazar.

Salazar said he also expects the facility to add another 40 jobs in about a year and a half if the corporation decides to put in a plywood plant.

"We have worked through environmental issues, funding issues, and timber supply issues to make it a reality," said Ketchikan Gateway Borough Manager Roy Eckert. "The entire community is excited, not only for Ketchikan but for the impact this will have on the entire southeast region."


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