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KCS Issues
by Jackie Williams


January 29, 2005

Dear Editor.

I am the parent of an 11-year-old / 6th grade child attending Ketchikan Charter School. The curriculum is impressive and my child has thrived there. That is not to say the other district schools are not good this one is just a better fit for my child. I have been present at a few APC (Academic Policy Committee) meetings and have been surprised by how few parents attend that are not a teacher or Board Member.

As most of us are aware the School Board and District are planning and taking action in regard to the coming year. My appreciation and thanks to the School Board, District and citizens who participated in making the decision regarding placement of students in Schoenbar and White Cliff in such a timely manner. What a relief to the whole community to know where these students will be, long before school begins next fall.

There are other KCS issues being addressed and parents need to participate now to have a good result for next year. What would parents like the Academic Policy committee to do on such topics as:

The KCS contract up for renewal.

The School Board updating it Policies in regard to Charter schools.

Principal Luhrs handing in his resignation, and KCS seeking a new principal/administrator.

Teacher Staffing.

The Budget for next year.

7th and 8th grade KCS students going to Schoenbar, can one core curriculum class per grade be considered?

KCS Physical Education Class.

As a parent I want to know how will the position of Principal/Administrator be addressed? Will there be an individual principal for both schools? Perhaps a principal and vice principal to oversee both schools in one building?

In my opinion, we need to look closely at how the two charter schools function next door to each other. I believe the schools can co-exist in a much more harmonious relationship. In this regard, and to address the coming year, I think both APC Boards could meet and then have a joint parent forum.

The PE program at KCS was not up to par this year. If there is not a distinct curriculum difference in the PE programs between the charter schools, they might share the PE instructor, gym and PE class together. Then we will not be hearing how the gym is unavailable to KCS because TSAS is using it.

Parents, YOU, are your child's best advocate.

Thank you,

Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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