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Cold Storage Plan
by Nik Nebel


January 26, 2005

Russell, You're point is right on! The cold storage plan failed as it should have! The assembly made a tough decision not to interfere with the private sector and I thank them for that.

Government grants are good and necessary to promote growth in Southeast Alaska; however, Government funds should be used to bring industries together, not to curtail them or create an unfair advantage.

They should be used for community interests like a port enhancement. A drive down dock that can be used to load and offload items onto any type of boat. Welders, mechanics, shipwrights, and any other business would benefit from efficient access to commercial or private boats on a temporary basis.

Another idea is a land based temporary net and gear storage area that would allow fishermen to hang, build and repair gear and equipment. The current dock requires the use of a boat to get to and use. A land based area would relieve the stress on the existing float and provide another alternative to those that use it.

A crane that can be used at any time or phase of tide is also a great need. Like Russell stated, this has already been recognized as a necessity in other communities, why not ours?

All the above mentioned has been implemented elsewhere in southeast, and has enhanced those ports to be much more efficient. This is using the dollars provided wisely it would benefit the local community members and people that travel through. (thus providing more revenue)

There are many ways to better our natural industries with the help of government & community funds. However, slashing into our existing successful private sector should not be one.

Ketchikan, AK - USA

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