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Problem at Third and Jefferson
by Dan Hart


January 24, 2005

When the traffic signal at Jefferson and Tongass had a left turn light from Tongass, people were able to make those turns without the problems that we have now. As I remember the situation, it worked very well to have the left turn light. There is a lot of traffic that needs to get up the hill, and over toward Safeway, etc., and either reconfiguring the light to make it work better for turning, or having a left turn light would benefit all.

We had that at one time. When I found out that the most recent rebuild/reconfiguration at the intersection a few years back did not include a left turn consideration, I contacted the project engineer about the issue. I was told essentially, that they didn't care; we were not getting it. Well, now we have what we have, and I do believe there is more traffic on the hill now than there was in the past.

There is a problem at Third and Jefferson, but you know, a short-term solution would be for everyone to SLOW down when approaching that intersection. If you are traveling uphill, you can see both sides, if you have slowed to somewhat less than the posted speed of 25. If you are doing 5 over the speed right there, you are just asking for trouble. It is just a short ride up the hill, slowing would help the issue.

As far as the homeowners' fences, I believe they absolutely have the right to the added privacy afforded by them. They are there for a reason!

Just my opinion.

Dan Hart
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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