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A first timer's opinion
by Tom Scott


January 22, 2005

This is my first crack at an opinion letter, so hopefully I won't sound like an idiot. Over a period of time there have been many issues discussed on Sitnews that I have poured over. Now it's my turn to "shout out".

In regards to Terry Carlin's recent letter in Sitnews. I have to say "what the #@$$@%"! Sitnews, as I understand it, was designed for people to express their views and opinions. I don't know Terry, but I do believe in free speech. What Terry had to say was his own opinion, and in no way should it have ever had the effect that it did. It WAS HIS OPINION. Get over it! He is entitled to it. Does that mean he should be subject to hate mail? That is absurd! Ketchikan and the people who live in it have incurred enough hardship recently with the economic downturns. We do not want, nor should we tolerate, what is and should be viewed as a maniac loose in our backyard. Jerry Scudero said it best in his recent letter, "Step forward and let us see your face". So let's see it! Does everybody understand this issue? No, probably not. We don't all have kids in the basketball program, but I believe that a coaching issue should be approached through the principal of the high school. Would anyone disagree with me? I do have younger children that will be in that program in not too many years, so I do have a vested interest. SPEAK UP , PEOPLE BE HEARD or resort to spineless tactics and attacks on people that are voicing their opinions. I would consider that cowardly and shameful. That IS my opinion on that issue .

Regarding other matters:

The Third Avenue bypass was constructed to alleviate the congestion downtown for the rest of us Ketchikanites. A way for us to get around all the bustling tourists in their search for Alaskan treasure. The Jefferson/3rd avenue intersection is a major concern. I agree that it is. I'm not the only parent that has tried to poke his/her nose out into the up or down traffic after a 7:30 basketball game trying to find a faster way home to dinner on the table, only to see blinding lights and uncertainty whether to go or not. You all know who you are....

This is my opinion. You cannot stop traffic up and down hills. Especially in Ketchikan. The accident rate would be high when black ice sets in. Not to mention the strain on cars and heavy equipment and trucks that would have to stop and get going again either up or down hill. So what are we going to do? Force people to rip down their fences so you have a better view? That is their land! They have paid for it. They have a a right to have a fence if they so please. What about mirrors that when directed properly would give a better view of oncoming traffic to people wishing to cross the intersection? I don't know what the perfect answer is. But let's, as a community, find it!

Speaking of Jefferson street and Tongass, I have an opinion on that also. There should be no left turns on that intersection. Either reconfigure the stoplights so they can alleviate the problem or disallow the turn completely. I would like to clear up one misconception , though, and it is that intersection is a state controlled road and all grievances should be directed towards the state. The city has nothing to do with it!

I'm running short of breath on my soapbox this evening, so now that I've shaken' my feathers loose and spoke what's on my mind I guess I'll head to bed!

Tom Scott
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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