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Stop signs
by Kara (McElroy) Steele


January 22, 2005

I wrote on this before about all the un-necessary stop lights in town, but Dayle Amundson made an excellent point. The city is no longer a bustling metropolis as it once was 8-9 years ago, and all these stop lights are doing is causing more agitation to drivers than good.

Keep the ones that the city feels are a necessity, and get rid of the rest. Good grief I have NEVER seen such a small city on an island with 30 miles of road (both ways included) have so many stop lights!

This city of Kenai to which I migrated to has them because there are a lot more people and the area is more spread out for it. Without them it would be a disaster. But Ketchikan, is just a nice little community that doesn't need all that drama.

Great point Dale, I hope someone with the City of Ketchikan is listening! Peace and love to all my friends and family still there.

Kara (McElroy) Steele
Soon to be Ktown resident once again
Kenai, AK - USA


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