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Third Avenue Bypass
by Rhonda Erickson


January 21, 2005

I recently read the article about the city discussing the traffic problem on the Third Avenue bypass. I am against any removal of stop signs. There have been numerous times that while in a car we have been almost hit. Not from cars coming from the bypass but from cars coming up the side streets. If you remove these signs there is going to be more problems. The recent three car brought some questions up but nothing has been said as the cause of it. Making people stop coming up the hills will not help either. Have you been on these hills when there is snow or ice?

Also I cannot believe the city council is even discussing allowing tour busses on this road!!! Are you out of your mind?? I can picture it now 20 tour busses coming out of a residential area into another one!!! There are already problems with the traffic as it is. We paid for this road let us keep it as ours!!!! Let the tour busses take the main road so at least we have one road clear.


Rhonda Erickson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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