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Totemland Topics
by Neil Gray


January 21, 2005

The finding of the Bill Baker Totemland Topics tapes Bob Kern has come up with is great. Bob had mentioned to me that tapes of radio history in Ketchikan are very rare or even non existant. That's why I'm glad to hear of the find. In 1971 when I first joined KTKN and worked the eving air shift, one of my duties was getting Totemland Topics on the air nightly. He truely was a colorful and entertaining personality. It's too bad radio today has ventured into the modern age of computers and automation. Ketchikan has always been unique from a broadcasting standpoint due to it's isolation and service to outlying areas. If you never listened to Totemland Topics, I urge you to due to do so on Bob's website.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

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