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RE: Integrity
by Jerry A. Scudero


January 19, 2005

Sitnews readers, I write this short letter in response to Terry Carlin's letter, I have talked to Terry on the telephone and there are some of his points that I agree with and others I disagree with.

What I do know after talking with Mr. Carlin is that he has been threatened with an anonymous letter received through the USPS. I am sure that Sitnews was not created to have people's lives placed in harms way.

Whoever wrote & mailed the letter for God's sake, Carlin's letter was just an opinion. If you're not in agreement with his letter, write back and put your name on it. All we will do is read it and if we don't agree with your opinion, we will write back and rebuttal it.

Jerry A. Scudero
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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