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Airing My Road Rage
by Dayle Amundson


January 19, 2005

I agree there is something that needs to be done about the parking laws in this town. Just tonight coming into town from N. Tongass at dusk the Airporter was parked in front of the UPS driveway and was partially parked in the road. It's 50 miles an hour there and at 4:15 it's dark, and everybody is trying to get home. We had to swerve into the other lane to miss it.

Then we get to the light at Jefferson St. it's green and there's a vehicle that wants to make a left hand turn, the vehicle could have turned up Madison which has a left turn lane or gone down to Washington where there is a left hand arrow to turn on. I think people who make this turn during rush hour traffic are inconsiderate and selfish.

The City needs to either take the arrows off the road at the Jefferson St. light or remove the light.

Thanks for letting me air my road rage.

Dayle Amundson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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