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Handicapped Parking Enforcement
by Thomas Chevalier


January 18, 2005

Common courtesy, common sense, and respect for those that have handicapped parking permits and the allocated parking spaces for their usage, is something that some people in Ketchikan need to learn.

When going to the airport Monday night, all of the handicapped parking spaces were taken by the Super 8 van and a tow truck that were parked long-wise across them. After pulling in front of the tow truck, he had the courtesy to move; the Super 8 van remained. Another vehicle without a handicap permit then pulled up in the slot beside us. Then to top it off, the Airporter Shuttle pulled up and parked long-wise behind us, totally blocking us in, while the driver took his time and got out of the van to load baggage and passengers!!

Perhaps a stricter parking enforcement with tickets and fines being handed out would remind people of their manners and the law.

Thomas Chevalier
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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