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More 3rd Ave. comments....
by Rick Grams


January 18, 2005

I too drive the 3rd Avenue by-pass several times a day. Since the project has been completed, we have seen a number of issues that appear to be "exceptions to the rule" in the eyes of the city council. I am not sure what rules, regulations, or standards the city council is currently basing their decisions but the application of "common sense" seems to be absent.

When coming from the Bear Valley side of the new by-pass, there is a fence at the corner of 3rd Ave. and Jefferson that blocks the view of on-coming (uphill) traffic on Jefferson. A person has to "nudge" their vehicle into the Jefferson intersection in order expand the traffic view. Unfortunately, that mirror across the street does not provide a significant view of this traffic.

The fence I am referring to needs to be adjusted in a way that allows for safety. Even before the by-pass, people who pulled out of that intersection had the same problem. There were just fewer people using it at that time. Furthermore, because the fence is an issue of greater public safety today, the City should pay for these adjustments unless there is documentation of notice to that homeowner prior to the by-pass being constructed.

On Jefferson, the speed limit could be reduced down to 15 mph. I drive a full size truck, and have tried this tactic. I feel better and I can see the cars on 3rd Ave as I approach.

We all need to remember that we are in control when driving our vehicles. It is okay to drive slower, err on the side of caution, and even find a safer route.

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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