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Workers and volunteer helpers
by Brandi Conway


January 18, 2005

This letter I am witting in response to Mary Hemli's disagreement with Indonesia's request to have all aide workers and volunteer helpers out by March. My question to you is why does it bother you that this country wants to take care of the problem on their own? As far as all the aid and money sent to the country to help them out in their time of tragedy. I don't really recall the country itself asking for aid, I can be wrong. If I am correct it was one of the Human Rights groups and the UN the made the request. Also it was us and other countries while thinking that giving aid and going there to help them clean up and rebuild etc. was what Indonesia would wanted. I again don't remember them asking for help. So why get offended when they politely ask anyone to leave?

Let the country mourn the dead, let them rebuild, they have already said thank you for all the support and help others have sent in. What more can we ask for?

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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