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by Lynne Miller


January 17, 2005

I do not understand the criticism of participation in one youth sport over another. I DO get that parents who encourage their children to participate in ANY sport or activity in general(including sports as well as music, debate, spelling bees, fishing, hiking, etc) do so to benefit their child's health and welfare in lifelong terms - as well as supporting postively the future of this community with children/future adults who have developed an appreciation for doing something with their minds and bodies other than abuse them with drugs and alcohol or restless inactivity. What is the solution to some "problem" of perception of preferential participation levels in one youth sport over another? I wish a "problem" had been identified - other than to name call one sport over another - (and please, Mr. Stanton you DO know that youth swimming, whether it be borough swimming lessions, Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club or Kayhi is not respectively represented in terms by anyone as "isn't it BAD enough we have swimming year long"). My family chose to participate in Hoopmania's fundraiser lasagne dinner last Friday night even though my children do not participate in basketball. Go Hoopmania! I support them and their goal of traveling to tournaments outside of Ketchikan 100 percent. Go Killer Whales Swim Club, go KYSL - GO KETCHIKAN!. Please everyone just support kids in general doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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