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The lack of local government control
by James Grim


January 17, 2005

A look into Alaska politics, or should I say the lack of local officials, has uncovered some frightening things. Me being an Alaskan and being truly in love with Alaska - a radical change is in order to put the power back into the people's hands where it belongs by the way of the vote. For example the Alaska court system has no elected judges, state or district. They are held by appointment only. Our God given right of the vote is being denied us. Our system in Alaska only allows us to vote either to reappoint a judge or not. But sadly this is the most power we have at this local level of government. If the people of the United States voted George Bush out of office and he was replaced by Sadam Hussein would we say well if he wasn't crooked before they appointed him give him time? Sadly the people of this state choose to allow a select few to tell us what is best for us without our approval.

We are the only state in the United States not to elect borough (county) officials such as sheriffs, coroners, commissioners, prosecutors, judges - just to mention a few positions that are being force fed to us by appointed officials only. If you ever have a problem that needs to be addressed you will hear the same thing as me... I can't tell you anything. talk to someone else. Can't help you that is not my department. If you are appointed to your job you will make your boss happy. If you are elected you will make the people happy that elected you because they are your boss thus stopping injustice in its tracks. All of the state and local officials that I have talked to about this subject have given me the same answer - the people of the state of Alaska voted not to have sheriffs, judges, prosecutors, road commissioners, etc."Hogwash." This meaning that the people of this state do not wish to police the people in control of our lives by the way of the vote. That our forefathers died to protect and our young men and women are still dying for today.

In Nome last year a young native girl was raped and murdered allegedly by a police officer. According to the newspaper there were several complaints made against the officer (rape, assault, attempted rape) that were ignored. As if this was not bad enough he was released on a minuscule bond now the people of Anchorage have an accused murderer living on the hillside. I wonder if the people of Nome would have reelected the appointed officials handling this case? No matter, they still have their jobs and the people have no choice.

I don't have all the answers and I know that it is going to be a battle to get these leeches that have indebted themselves in our lives by way of appointment not invitation. But I do know that we cannot truly call ourselves true Americans as is I feel that we are living in THE PEOPLES SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ALASKA.

If you agree that elections have to be held at this the most important level to all of the aspects of our daily lives. Sign petitions at your church, work, etc. Call your local lawmakers and demand your rights as a citizen our political preference has no bearing. Republicans, Democrats and Independents have a civil duty as Americans to deliver ourselves from these injustices that we all face as Alaskans and force fair and impartial  elections to be held in Alaska. Not the appointment of public officials (cousin Joe or even your daughter).

James Grim
Wasilla AK 99654



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