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by Cecelia Johnson


January 17, 2005

As I watched the newspaper and clicked into SitNews, sadly, there were no opinions regarding the upcoming election.  It appears that the membership is unsettlingly quiet!  Not a good sign.  I can remember when there were great letters to the newspaper and great opinions on Sitnews.  It's too quiet!
As we get ready to vote Monday, January 17, 2005 I humbly remember the fight of Dr. Martin Luther King and Elizabeth Peratrovich and thank them for the opportunities we have today.  Also for our elders who were behind them.   Thank you.
Locally, I thank KIC, IRA Council, and the Tribal Health Clinic for hanging in there these past tumultuos years.  It has been approximately seven years since our step into Self-Determination--we're still here and we can do it!! 
Vote for the individuals who have experience, knowledge of protocols, who is open to ALL membership and encourages healthy debate, and who will be a "buddy" to our constitution and bylaws.
Good luck candidates.

Cecelia Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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