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by Barbara L. Bigelow


January 17, 2005

When I was a small girl, my beloved grandfather gave me a button which proclaimed "If I were 21 I'd vote for Barry" (Goldwater).

I recently found the same button in an antique store in rural Idaho and I was delighted to reflect back on the teachings of my elder grandfather. Well, I am a few years from being a small girl, but I have always exercised the right and the privilege of voting. Today I reflect on a new slogan, which would read:

        "If I were a KIC member, I'd vote for Sam."

I have known Sam Bergeron for several years. Without hesitation I endorse Sam for the important position of KIC President. Sam is an outstanding community member. Sam is politically active and demonstrates passion, enthusiasm and energy in all he has sought to do for our community. He is a father, a businessman, and a person who cares deeply about others.  He values the opinions of all, whether diverse or mainstream. He has shown that he is capable of making hard decisions. Sam understands that being politically active means taking heat, but also moving forward toward goals and commonality for the community. Sam's native heritage is very much a part of the heart and soul that will make Sam a great President.  Ms. Rainwater-Sande astutely observed that Sam was taught well by his native family and elders.

On a business level, Sam as a Contractor was recommended to my partner and I when looked for someone to build our house.  Sam's skills and management of our project served us well and the house we live in reflects his excellent craftsmanship.  On time, on budget, attention to details, and a sound ethic to correct and make right was the manner in which Sam performed for us.

To those KIC members reading this letter, thank you for exercising your right to vote.  I hope you will Vote for Sam. Sam will serve the KIC community well and he will bring an enthusiasm that will be catching - just watch!
Barbara L. Bigelow
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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