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KPU Telecommunications
by Richard R. Watson


January 14, 2005

Thank-you to the many people who sent me emails and, or posted follow-up viewpoints.

First of all, I do appreciate your responses, both positive and negative. We need to share our ideas and concerns and we need to be a part of the decisions process and not just allow a rubber stamp to make it for us. (I won't mention any names or groups.)

There is no perfect company. I am sure we can find in each and every one, some shortfalls. My biggest concern is the lack of foresight and follow-through on KPU management. I am curious as to what happened to our fiber-optic connection to the lower 48! This is truly something they could be providing and we all would have benefited. I also believe that if we keep the telephone division I doubt you will ever see competition for local phone service. Our municipal phone company has too many advantages over the private sector, and can successfully ward off any proposed competition.


Richard R. Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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