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Ketchikan Sports
by Marty Martin


January 14, 2005

Well I figure I will put my two cents in on the the sports issue also. I myself fully agree with Terry, and also back Hoop Mania 100%. During the past summer and fall I volunteered all possible time to help out Morgan with coaching and refereeing HM. After working 16 hour shifts I was there to work with the great youth this town has to offer.

There was a variety of talent at these events, players that will be Kayhi all stars and players that might never play high school basketball ever. One of the great things I do remember about HM, was at no time was any child prevented from playing because they had soccer practice or baseball practice, or ballet and so on and so forth. There were mornings we had 20 kids, and then mornings we had 7. The thing is... athletics is supposed to be fun, I see some of the youth and chat with some of them that just aren't having as much fun as they should. I have to fully agree with Terry again your not going to remember your win-loss record five years down the road.

In my four years of high school basketball we won 2 state titles 1 runner up. That was ten years ago. I do not remember a single W-L record. What I do remember was how much fun I had playing the game, and the great friends and people I met along the way. Winning isn't everything in basketball or any sport. It is the fact that you went out and gave your best.

I do say that in high school sports if you commit to a sport you need to give a 100% at all times. If you don't, you're letting your team and your coach down.


Marty Martin
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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