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Off season "voluntary" practice
by Neil Gray


January 11, 2005

Obviously I cannot address the immediate issue Terry Carlin brings up about "What has happened to Integrity" in his recent comments. But, knowing Terry, for him to address it publicly, there indeed must be a major concern in Ketchikan.

I, too, have been around coaches from various sports for well over 30 years. My experiences show that there are some very good, concerned coaches who have the kid's interest in the proper perspective, and there are coaches who have tainted outlooks on their sports. They have more of a "me" attitude rather than realizing it's for the boys and girls involved. Winning should be a bonus, not a hard core "win or nothing" value.

Coaches who interfere with kids from their programs who participate in other sports programs are selfish, if they intrude into those other programs during their seasons. What message does that send to the kids about dedication to their team members if they have to make a midseason break for another sport? That shows a disrepect for the other coach, the kids, and their teammates. Current season sports should not be inteferred with. Do not put undue presure of the kids to drop their current season commitment for your off season "voluntary" practice! School activity or not, it isn't fair or proper. Show a little respect.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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