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Affordable Recreation
by Brandi Conway


January 09, 2005

I agree that there isn't a whole lot to do in Ketchikan. I should know I grew up here. Yes we have the bowling alley. Do you know how much it cost to bowl? It is really spendy if you want to have any fun playing. Let's not forget to mention what it cost to go see a movie. We use to have a video arcade but of course it closed down. We do have the rec center... but face it it cost money to do things there to.

Not that I don't think we should have to pay to have a good time but we all know how over priced everything is here. Why is that?

What someone needs to do is purchase a large portion of land and set up different recreations on it. Things like paint ball (no not with the gun unless you are wearing protective gear) a skate boarding or biking ramps, even a dirt bike, or any other bike track you can think of. Put up a building and inside have skating, put in an arcade, do laser tag.

Yes I know it will cost a lot of money and we would have to charge people to come and play, but I am sure it could be something affordable.

Branco's Casino suggestion is an awesome idea. My boyfriend told me he has had thoughts of opening up a casino. I do not think it will do any harm to our community. We already have some forms of gambling going on here. We have pull-tabs and bingo... they are consider gambling.

What we need is for Ketchikan to start thinking about Ketchikan and its locals not about how we can better it for the tourist. I really don't care if I see another jewelry store. I mean how many jewelry stores does a small town of our size need?

I don't know when we will think about what we actually are offering to our young children or young adults - or for any of us. What is it Ketchikan that you would like to or have offered to us?

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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