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Unfounded Opinion
by Todd Thompson


January 06, 2005

It amazes me that Americans, although allowed to think for themselves, follow the media like sheep. They "see it on T.V." so it must be true. Without any facts, they assume truth by television.

This is certainly the case with the break-up of Yugoslavia. Television watchers in the West beat their chests, spoke numbers and blamed. They stood on propaganda as fact and ultimately ethnically cleansed true Yugoslavs by suppoting partion of a viable nation. That's right, people of mixed marriages and ethnic minorities fled to Serbia or to other countries. Yet the television watchers never bothered with them. One to the next event for them.

Ms. Katz claims "rape camps." While rapes happened, some in the detention camps and are appalling. I would like someone to prove that an actual rape camp ever existed. In fact, the mention of such camps is propagands and only used by the television watchers and politicians.

Ms. Katz is in gross error to triumph over Kosovo. The KLA were terrorists that killed any moderates or minorities that did tote their line of thought. The result was ethnic cleansing of minorities for the establishment of a non-viable, economic black hole that will never be able to be "independent." "Greater Albania" seems like an oxymoron but it is what the television watchers still think is a solution, despite the fact that Northern Albania is absolutely an uncontrolled wasteland of mob rule.

Truthfully, it is amazing to me that the television watchers still remember anything about Yugoslavia. We did nothing good in the break-up of Yugoslavia. Nothing.

Todd Thompson
Sacramento, CA - USA



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