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by Simo Jovic


January 06, 2005

Ms. Katz you are  proof how misinformed you people are or uneducated. You would think that with access to information these days that people would actually take time to learn something. Let me explain something.

I personally do not like Mr Milosevic, you have to understand that he did not preside over concentration camps or mass graves, for one main reason the international community has been unable to find any in Kosovo. Do you remember the 250,000 dead that was put out by the Clinton drop kicks. Well the latest number is just over 2000 and guess what that includes Albanians Serbs killed on both sides and also people killed by the NATO bombs.

Why do you not call Clinton and Bush mass murders, do I need to remind you of 150,000 children killed just by sanctions in Iraq and still counting, and according to Madeline Albright "it was worth it" The latest civilian death is put around 20,000 thousand and counting.

You call me an admirer of rape camps and mass murderers. One thing you do not understand and know is that I lost a member of family to a Muslim torture camp. The body was never found. I guess you never heard of the Muslim camps or the Croatian camps or the Albanian camps in your head it obviously never existed. Have you heard about the 250,000 Serbs ethnically cleansed from Croatia with the help of US. What about 200 000 Serbs ethnically cleansed from Kosovo again with the help of US. 150 Christian churches desecrated and burned in Kosovo, this was done by the Albanians who are connected to AlQaeida.

The truth always prevails.

Simo Jovic
Sydney - Australia


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