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by Neil Craig


January 06, 2005

Ms. Katz' claims that "Milosivec presided over concentration camps, rape camps and mass murder. I saw the mass graves on TV myself" suggests that her "knowledge" of the subject depends more on what she, & the rest of us saw on TV rather than any personal knowledge.

No doubt she will be unaware of the fact that the only "rape camp" found by the UN in Bosnia was within Sarajevo for the use of the troops under the command of our moslem ally the former SS auxiliary Izetbegovic. She will presumably also assure us that when the US State Dept said, at the start of the war, that Milosevic had already "disappeared 500,000 Albanian men" this must be treated as representing the highest standard of honesty of the US government & indeed truthful. How does she explain the post war report by a Spanish forensic science team, hired by NATO, that the deaths did not total over 2,500 including the victims of NATO bombing & KLA racist murders. How she explains the largest mass grave in Kosovo, in Dragodan, containing the bodies of 210 Serbs, Gypsies & anti-KLA Albanians, which was filled after NATO took over or the thousands of schoolgirls kidnapped & sold into western brothels since, is more problematic.

Certainly there are people who have presided over concentration camps, rape camps & mass murder but Milosevic is not among them. If the people running his so-called trial were in any way honest the western politicians involved in planning an aggressive war (which is specifically a war crime by the precedent of Nuremberg) would be in the dock.

Yours Faithfully,

Neil Craig
Glasgow - Scotland - UK



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