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by Kevin Mackie


January 06, 2005

Not much to do... Well, yes and no. Depends on who you are. If you like to go outdoors, you can fish, camp, hike, play paintball(if you can find a decent spot with out anyone complaining), and do other things. Yet, it seems, that in one way or another, someone is out to get us. By "us", I mean the kids in my age bracket, and the "someone" I am referring to, would be any of the old-farts complaining that we are having more fun than them. Well, hey, I'm not picky, I'd mark a 30-40 something person as soon as I'd mark someone my age, with MY paintball gun. That is, if we had a place to do so. I'd surely like to ride 4 and 3 wheelers with my friends, if we had a place to do so. I know kids that would enjoy a skate park, if they had a place to do so. I still play with my R/C cars, and trucks. Find a spot that I can rip around in.

I shoot at the gun range, which has at least one or two other groups of people utilizing it at the same time that I happen to be there. That's what happens when you build something that people can enjoy. If we had a bridge to Gravina, I can only IMAGINE the potential for building such things as a skate park, paintball field, ATV dirt track. But that's another topic for another discussion. Instead of limiting the "youth" by telling them they have plenty already to do, we should expand the potential for our community AND our "youth". Build a bridge, build a skate park, build a paintball field, build a casino. In the words of MY generation, GET 'ER DONE!

Kevin Mackie
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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