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by Jennifer Naylor


January 06, 2005

I have only lived in Ketchikan for a year and a half, but I feel that our community must do everything we can to inspire and motivate local businesses. The only way to do that is by backing every business every step of the way to help ensure they are successful.

I just found out today that the Borough Assembly is working hard AGAINST Rob in his plans to re-invigorate Loggerville. Why is this happening? Why wouldn't the Borough want Rob to create another avenue that will directly increase the number of jobs available in Ketchikan and add another outlet for incoming tourist dollars?!? Loggerville is a fabulous way for our tourists to learn more about Alaska and Ketchikan. Rob is asking for the chance to "better" a significantly distressed part of our town, and the Borough Assembly is throwing up road block after road block. Rob is asking for the chance to infuse dollars into Ketchikan, Loggerville and into the lives of the many employees who will become part of the payroll.

As a new member of this community this news saddens and angers me. As an instructor at the University, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and a Sales Associate who manages my own clients and business as part of a local dealership, it is disappointing that our government would reject Rob's idea. Small business is the single thing that moves our community forward. Please, Borough Assembly, do not continue to de-motivate our small business owners by causing additional difficulties. Creating and managing small and mid size companies is already a great undertaking - help our businesses do not hurt or stop them.


Jennifer Naylor
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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