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Ketchikan Dance Club
by Joseph Branco


January 05, 2005

As many of you know, I have been a dance club and rave DJ for several years in Minneapolis and Las Vegas prior to moving to Ketchikan. Since I have been here, I have used my love and talent for music and my DJ equipment to perform for several private and public social functions including school dances, holiday parties, birthday parties, weddings, and special events. For those of you 21+ who are interested, I will have a weekly spot every Friday night at Steamers starting January 14th if you fancy a night of dancing and socializing.

I am in the conceptual stages of starting a small event services business here in Ketchikan offering a full DJ service, Videography, event planning, wedding consultation, and audio/video production and editing projects.

After reading the many letters and hearing concerns from young adults in our community about the limited social activities available, I have an idea that may be of some merit. Since I have all of the professional DJ equipment and club lighting, I think it is entirely possible to set up a dance club here in Ketchikan. I have evaluated the potential for building a dance club in Ketchikan and have not found the statistical support to justify the creation and operation of a venue used exclusively for a dance club at this time. However, the market segment has never been focused on by any markting efforts in recent years. I believe the market segment, largely dismissed by local businesses and programs, has substantial disposable income levels.

My suggestion for the community of Ketchikan at this point is to find a venue willing to host a recurring dance night on Saturday nights for our 18-21 crowd or even a 14-18 crowd. I would be willing, for a reasonable nightly cost every Saturday night, to provide my DJ services, experience, and equipment to Ketchikan's Dance Club. Please contact me if you have the venue for such a project. If you charge $5 a head and set up oppotunities to sell water, soda, refreshments, glowsticks, party favors, etc. - a tremendous opportunity exists not only for potential revenue, but for the social lives of our community's youth. If you have a place...I'll bring the music.

Does anyone in Ketchikan have any suggestions or support for such a venture?

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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