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Harsh words in support of Milosevic
by Emily Katz


January 05, 2005

Simo Jovic is certainly out of line calling Mark Neckameyer an "idiot". Mark's contributions to Sitnews' discussion pages have always been very thoughtful and well written. My sister and I look forward to reading them.

Milosivec presided over concentration camps, rape camps and mass murder. I saw the mass graves on TV myself and I saw the victims and their survivors interviewed. There is no doubt it happened and Milosivec was in charge. The Albanians and others who were not members of the Orthodox Serbs "tribe" were being ethnically cleansed" until we stopped them.

There is always a problem in how to prosecute the leader of a sovereign country who was acting under the rules of his country, evil as those rules might be. Saddam is obviously guilty but we see the problem prosecuting him. In the old days, deposed dictators were just shot and strung up like Mussolini in WWII. The victors in war get to put their enemies on trial and perhaps that cannot be completely fair but with Milosivec and Saddam I have a very hard time weeping too many tears for them. They deserve to die for killing, raping and harming so many people.

I guess even mass murderers and rape camp organizers have admirers, friends and family. Tell us Simo, was it the rape camps you admired more or was it the concentration camps?

Emily Katz
Seattle, WA - USA



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