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From Thailand
by Duane King

January 05, 2005

As for the tsunami many poor people died that were common workers and lots of wealthy people had damage to their homes and cars. It's very sad for the people who died.

Ketchikan is a very very good example of what could happen - not counting the marinas. The stores and resorts near the water were the hard hit spots. The houses out of town are mostly on stilts and ripped down by junk in the water, but most people were at work or school so not many were home or affected till latter when the clean up and looting began.

In Thailand poor and average people just don't live on the water, but they do work in the resorts. One that just opened about 5 days before the wave had 50 workers die, no customers. My friend is a marketing manager for the chain and she was suppose to be there but had a meeting at a different resort. Very lucky for her - she is skinny and cannot swim.

I really wonder about the number of dead they keep talking about. Many for sure. But the bigger the number the bigger the piece of relief money.

It makes me sick when I see the real people get a small bag of rice and some resort owner... well you know.

Duane King


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