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Lack of recreation for the young adults 18+
by Archie Inoncillo


January 05, 2005

I am just typing in response to all of the commotion about the lack of recreation for the young adults 18 and up. I come here from formerly being in that younger crowd. There is ample opportunity for all of the younger people. They are given a lot of things such as the Mr. Rettke explained. And I am recognizing Mr. Branco's suggestions for such things for the 18 and over crowd. He had some awesome suggestions: One being a dance club and lounge.

This is a little fetched because I am relatively new to the adult world, but coming back to Ketchikan from going to school in Idaho, it was difficult to do normal things that college students do. Ketchikan isn't a college town, and I guess that is reason that it's not as geared toward this type of crowd. I find myself most of my nights here in Ketchikan sitting at my laptop reading the viewpoints on Sitnews. Not saying that is a bad thing, but I would like to be able to do a little bit more. Personally, I would love to go dancing every weekend.

We have a club down at school called the "Beach". It's an 18 and up dance club where there are different themes for the evenings in the latter end of the week (thurs-sunday). And for those 21 and over there IS a bar area for them. The entrance of course is secured by a bouncer who reads IDs and it is actually a separate room from the dance floor, stage, juice bar, and pool tables. I can see this sort of establishment happening in Ketchikan.

It would be really good in the summer for all the college students and visitors who are home for the break. And this sort of club could be opened up seasonally. It could also be a place to have concerts on stage for local bands, traveling groups, and all that. There could be guest DJs - such as a certain Las Vegas club DJ I know personally who lives in Ketchikan.

This is just an idea, but I can totally see it happening. It's something that I learned getting out of Ketchikan that there is much more demand for the younger adult entertainment. And I speak of this as I again sit at my laptop in my shorts thinking of more ideas.. I know this is kind of a rant, but it's a really good idea. And I suggest any people who are interested to think about it and elaborate on how such a project could go into effect.

I'd like to be part of that if possible.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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