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Here you go again...
by Dr. Simo Jovic


January 05, 2005

Mr. Mark Neckameyer you are an idiot, If you believe what the Media has to say all the time then it shows the size of your brain. Do you understand that anyone can request to see Mr. Milosevic. Mr. Clark as I said is a headline seeker. He keeps putting his nose in everywhere just to be on in the papers or have people like yourself talk about him. Now I challenge you to provide a genuine source that will prove that Mr. Clark was ever employed as Milosevic's lawyer. Do not forget he may have visited him. What he may or may not have said to Milosevic is not relevant. Please prove to us that he represented Mr Milosevic.  By the way one man's mass murderer is another's freedom fighter.  I do not particularly like Milosevic, but I do like truth.
By the way, listen to what you quote  " Did they have a regular attorney/client relationship with a retainer, etc.?  Probably not.." this means you do not know, that does show that people that do not know do make them self look stupid, need I say anymore. 
Here is something else that contradicts your own statement, you quote Mr. Landale who we know is a stooge in a kangaroo court that was set up by the NATO mafia, "He said Mr Clark was not acting as Mr Milosevic's lawyer, but was giving him legal advice."
Now where I have an issue is that western media keep publishing that Mr. Clark REPRESENTED Mr. Milosevic, this is obviously used as a way of making Mr Milosevic guilty by association. You state that I should heed my own advice, please tell me where my statement is wrong again or is truth still difficult for you.
Happy new year and may God give you happiness.
Simo Jovic
Sydney - Australia



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