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In the real world
by Sara Griffin


January 05, 2005

In response to Suzan Thompson's "perfect world ideology". I would like to ask her where does she live? Walt Disney World? I don't think Mr Rettke's article was implicating that the community is at fault for the demise of our young people only that the youth would truly appreciate other avenues of entertainment and that it can be difficult make them happen with or without help from the borough.

It would be wonderful if the youth of today truly enjoyed spending the afternoon reading by a fire or having philisophical discussions about world peace! However I live in the real world and maybe you should join us! Many of the "Youth Groups and Activities" you mentioned are aimed at the younger youth of Ketchikan the ones hopefully not on drugs and not having sex yet. The youth Mr. Rettke is talking about are the many whom enjoy not only reading or theatre, but also enjoy music, poker with friends, and paintballing.

I would like everyone to know Tyrell is an avid guitar player as well as reader. He volunteers his time at many functions and was very involved in acadmic decathalon while enrolled at Ketchikan High School. He is one of the youth who want to do more for our community more for the future of Ketchikan.

While your opinion was informative and points out many avenues for the youth of Ketchikan to follow please don't have such a narrow view that you would not realize that maybe the youth of today want, no need more!

Sara Griffin
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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