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Pride in America
by Rick Grams


January 05, 2005

Mr. Groszewski paints America with the same limited forethought as the King of England did back in the 18th century.  With an excellent example of "words approaching the boundaries of reason" he has proven in one valiant opinion why our country is THE success of our evolving world.

America takes it's lumps in this world - more than any other country.  Perhaps that is because we take our philosophies, morals, and beliefs out into the world; perhaps it is due to the giant heart our country opens to the world ­ look at how our country works to shape the world.  Iraq - Americans are fighting in Iraq for all peoples in the world.  The goal in Iraq is much more than just elections and democracy, these are just the tools required.  The real goal in Iraq is regional stabilization. Afghanistan is another example - a successful transition to democracy to yet again maintain a goal of stabilization.

And yes Mr. Groszewski we are well aware of the growing Chinese military (most recently acquiring more submarines) as they continue to test the waters of intolerance within their own borders.  All the while, America and Europe continue to invest in China's markets and economy.  However, in response to the Chinese actions, the U.S. Navy is reversing an old Soviet-era formula, where the United States had 60 percent of its submarines in the Atlantic and 40 percent in the Pacific. In addition to shifting toward keeping 60 percent in the Pacific, the United States recently set up an antisubmarine warfare center in San Diego. (China's Growing Navy Worries U.S. International Herald Tribune, December 31, 2004).  The Chinese are on the wrong path with the U.S. and we all are concerned about where it leads.

In conclusion Mr. Groszewski you have enhanced my pride in America, our service people, and my own eleven years in the American Armed Forces.  America is not out to win your popularity contest, we're out to tackle the challenges that keep all of humanity paralyzed ­ we're out to make the world safe for our children (and yours).
Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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