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Power of absurd thinking
by Iliya Pavlovich


January 05, 2005

The power of absurd thinking seems to be an indispensable tool for all the absurd institutions. Tomas de Torquemada equally absurdly wanted Jews to convert to Christianity whilte using threats and torture. I can imagine a clever Jew thinking: "Oh, goody, won't you torture me more, so I can see what I great religion I am going to join."

Even Charles Manson managed to get a fair trial.

What is it about Milosevic that forces this "Court" - kangaroo is too obvious a qualification and self-evident - to impose such Draconian measures and deprive him of his basic rights. It's not like he's asking for any preferential treatement. It almost seems that the entire Hague machinery is going out of its way to demonstrate what a "stacked deck" looks like, and with the only purpose to discredit itself even more.

Maybe in 20 years time we shall learn that Milosevic was possibly "NOT GUILTY" - God forbid, but the Kangaroo Court found him guilty - thereby relieving our collective concisousness and providing a semblance of "delayed justice...." Who knows who's pulling what chain? I am certainly puzzled and I don't often get this puzzled.

Iliya Pavlovich
Deerfield Beach, FL - USA



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